Monday, July 30, 2012

How to restore Samsung Galaxy Note I717 AT&T to stock rom

The following is a step by step process of restoring the Samsung Galaxy Note (AT&T I717) to stock ROM. Sometimes a factory reset does not fix the issue with the phone. You will then need to perform a restore to stock ROM to fully recover it. Or if your phone is bricked during flashing, restoring to stock ROM may also fix the issue. I have personally tried the below steps and it worked for me. 

  • Make sure Samsung USB driver is installed on your PC
  • Download and unzip odin 1.85 on your desktop
  • Download and unzip the file  and extract it on your desktop
  • Start Odin 1.85
  • Put the phone in download mode (Hold down volume keys and then connect to PC with USB cable)
  • Odin will should detect the phone in several seconds and show a yellow bar with com port number
  • Check auto-reboot and uncheck all others in odin
  • Press start and it shall progress and then reboot the phone. Once it's done, odin will show a green bar with "passed" and the phone will reboot
  • Congratuations, now you just flashed the phone to stock ROM  

Leave a comment if it works for you!


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