Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How to unlock Samsung Galaxy S T959 T-Mobile with Z3X box

The following is a guide to unlock the Samsung Galaxy S T959 with Z3X box. I have verified the steps below on Android 2.2 (not rooted) and it worked for me. It's not easy to get it right because of lack of information available elsewhere. 

  1. Connect AT&T Samsung Galaxy S T959 computer with USB cable
  2. Select T959 in the Samsung Tool 12.1 drop down
  3. Select the USB modem port, check Read Code(Root) and click unlock
  4. Now you will see the NCK key (Unlock code) in the console after it's done
  5. Reboot the phone with non-tmobile sim card. Enter the unlock code when prompted
  6. Congratulations, now you have just unlocked your AT&T Samsung Galaxy S T959 !

Does it work for you? Please leave a comment if this helped you unlock your phone.


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