Thursday, January 6, 2011

Two easy ways to tell if you have an genuine Apple iPhone

Third party oversea manufactures are making iphone clones and replicas that resemble Apple iPhone more than ever. How do you tell if you have a real iphone made by Apple? A lot of sellers are selling "iphones" on craigslist and ebay. Even though they claim it's an iPhone, it is quite possible that they are selling fakes or replica's without even knowing it. However, if you purchase it from an experienced professional smartphone dealer directly, it more than likely that you will receive a genuine iPhone.

First, Apple iPhone has an app called App Store, which comes with the phone by default. You may purchase any iPhone app through the application from Apple. It is impossible for fake iPhones to have the app.

Secondly, connect your iphone to your computer. If iTunes recognizes the phone as an iPhone, congratulations, you are a proud owner of an genuine iPhone.

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